120gm Cinnamon coconut soap

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• Saponified Coconut Oil & Palm Oil ( sustainably grown)

• Rice Milk,

• Honey,

• Cinnamon essential oil,

• Clove essential oil.

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The Cinnamon soap is really good for sensitive skin and we have seen some amazing results from clients who had suffered many years with skin problems and they had tried many products and really did not find anything that helped them. Then when they tried this bar their skin showed great improvement.

This bar has a great lather which is good for shaving or even as a shampoo.

The Cinnamon bar is wrapped in a inner layer of waxed paper then the outer layer is wrapped in either recycled banana or pineapple leaf.

Pintu cleansing bars contain 4 main ingredients: coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, rice milk and honey. Coconut oil partners perfectly with palm oil to give moisturising and cleansing properties, rice milk and honey will leave your skin soft, smooth and supple.

All Bars use only natural essential oils and no Parfums / Fragrances are used.

Each bars is handcrafted and takes up to 6 weeks to make using a cold process method.

So try not to think this as a soap as you may know soaps to be in our modern world.

Try to think of these as coconut cleansing bars that do not dry your skin. That can help with maintaining the moisture in your skin.

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Weight .130 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 7 cm

2 reviews for 120gm Cinnamon coconut soap

  1. Ash

    Hi Jeff!

    My names Ash, we meet about a week ago when I stopped by your stall at The Grounds of Alexandria. (I was the one who said you look similar to my Dad, which is a good thing! He’s super trendy, maybe you’ve met him…He goes to The Grounds Markets a lot and also the Bondi markets)

    Anyway! I’ve been using Organic Volcanic and Groundation since then and the results have been amazing. I’ve struggled with seriously nasty and painful acne for 7 years now, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products “guaranteed” to fix my skin, I’ve done laser treatment and even a liver detox to help cleanse my system.

    So far, your products have kept my skin soft and my acne CALM which is major news. I don’t think I’ve worn my hair up in public for a few years because I use it to hide my skin but now I feel a lot more confident, there is still issues with my skin but thats all to do with my internal system and the road to recovery is very long for that but on the surface things are looking good.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me about all your products, I am so happy with what I’ve tried so far and will most certainly be purchasing again and looking into the other products as well.

    I really like that the Pintu products are earth friendly and create work for women in Bali, just another reason why I will continue to endorse your products.

    Thanks Jeff!
    Regards, Ash

    • pintu

      Hi Ash
      Thanks for the review I very much appreciate your kind words and it is great to see that you are having great success.
      Looking forward to seeing you soon

  2. Mili

    This is actually the best soap of all time.

    It feels like it is nourishing and moisturising the skin as well as deep cleansing.

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