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Can you go no Shampoo?

Your body does an amazing job in helping you maintain your health, such as producing sebum which acts as a natural moisturiser.

Though one of the side effects of using certain shampoos is even though they clean the sebum, they actually cause more harm than good. The reason is they leave silicon in your hair for shine and it can look good for a couple of days. Then your scalp says I don’t like plastic and starts to produce access sebum trying to remove the silicon. So the next thing people do is wash again with certain shampoos trying to remove the sebum.

So you can see where this heading as most people do this.

A movement started around 15 years ago about stop using shampoo and it is called No Poo.

As I explain to a lot of people most of their great grand & grand parents would have most likely not used a liquid shampoo and only used a natural bar soap to clean their whole body and hair. As well more than likely they didn’t suffer from the skin and scalp problems as we see today and strangely enough they just used a basic natural soap.

A lot of clients have now tried using our coconut soaps as an whole body cleansing experience and have now moved onto using the coconut soaps as a hair wash. This jump can be an interesting experience as it can take 4 or 8 washes for your scalp to stop producing excess sebum. Though once this achieved you only need to wash once a week, or if you engaging in extra exercise this can be increased to suit.

Remember I mentioned about how your sebum acts as a natural moisturiser, this is where after washing use a wooden comb or a natural hair brush to comb / brush your sebum from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

One of our products is our natural Hair Rinse which acts as PH balance, detangler and gives your shine.