Let’s Lip Together


Beeswax base lip balm using all natural ingredients .

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• Beeswax Certified Organic 100% Pure, Unrefined: carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are essential in fighting chapped skin and bacterial infections that tend to affect us most in the dry, winter months. It forms a protective wall by sealing in moisture in our skinwithout smothering and clogging up the pores.

• Virgin Coconut Oil Certified Organic: is an excellent massage oil that acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skin, including dry skin. Unlike mineral oil, there is little chance of having any adverse side effects on the skin from the application of coconut oil. Therefore, it can be a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also delays the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin, which normally accompany aging.

Camellia Oleifera seed Refined Certified Organic Oil: is rich in oleic acid and vitamins A, B, D and E as well as nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9. The molecular weight of the oil is an almost identical match for skin, allowing it to absorb quickly and thoroughly.

• Cocoa Butter Certified Organic: is an emollient, which means it adds a protective layer of hydration to your lips, useful for blocking the effects of very cold temperatures, sun damage or indoor heat, which can leave your lips dry.

• Apricot Kernel Virgin oil Certified Organic: is good for all skin types. It is very rich and nourishing – particularly in vitamin A.

• Vitamin E natural can help the healing process in the skin. It is absorbed by the epidermis layer of the skin and can be used to treat sunburn, which is one of the leading causes of skin cancer among other factors. Because it speeds up cell regeneration, it can be used to treat scars, acne, and wrinkles; this makes your skin look healthier and younger.

Disclaimer: The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using this product. You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs.

Word of caution:

  • Keep product in a cool, dark & dry place.
  • Use within 3 months of opening and observe best before date.
  • In the unlikely event of irritation occurring- discontinue use.

Bee Welfare:  The organic standard prohibits Wing clipping of the queen as a method of preventing swarming.  Hygiene and hive management is also of critical importance to prevent disease and pests and Beeswax shall only be obtained from cappings removed from organic honey comb rather than from the recycling of frames.)

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