About Pintu

It all started with surfing and playing in Bali many years ago. Over time the sun and surf plays havoc with your skin and hair and we decided to find products that help you with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The search started down the road of many famous brands that spent a lot of money on marketing that on the surface looked really good. Though it didn’t take long to discover ( reading the ingredient label ) that most products include old and new style chemically made preservatives and fragrances to help the product last longer on the retail shop shelfs. Now it can be debated that some of the preservatives have not been proven a problem as of yet, though sometimes in life just using proven old fashion ways of doing things in the long term can be the better choice.

We came across a small community run co-op in Bali that empowers rural women to run a small business in making some great handmade coconut based soaps. Their journey began many years ago with a young American who left America to make Bali his home and trained the women the fine art of quality and natural way making these soaps. So working with them we produced a product range called Pintu and have decided to spread the clean and natural soap bars to the rest of world.

Pintu bars when used leaves the skin clean and feeling fresh and moisturised. There are 8 bars with scents or as I call them flavours and they all contain 4 main ingredients Coconut Oil, sustainable Palm oil, Rice milk and honey. All of the bars can be used as a hand, body, face cleanser and are great as a shampoo as well.

As an example our black bar has Volcanic Ash that has a fine grit which acts like a mild exfoliator that is good for removing make up or sun screens. Many people say using this black volcanic bar feels like a mini facial. Also this is good as a shampoo or as a shave gel with its great lathering properties.

Or our Exfoliator uses rice bran for texture that helps with removing dead skin and leaves the skin feeling fresh, alive and moist. with no micro beads ( no plastics used ) and is also kind to the environment.

The journey continues with making natural products that are free of questionable harmful ingredients and we are now making in Australia, coconut moisturisers, scrubs and hair rinses. We are really excited where this will take us though on the way we have met and helped some great people who have benefited from using our products, and it brings me joy when a client tells me they have suffered from ‎‎Psoriasis for over 15 years and after using our cinnamon soap bar  have now stopped itching themselves and can get a good night sleep.

See you around – Jeff